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Locksmith is a man of our time , when we get stuck outside our home or we rode , and we have no key or lock is stuck and we are blocked from entering in or go out , or when one of the children locked in the car or home and we feel a lot of pressure and adversity.

This pressure causes us to act quickly and usually without thought or planning, when in fact acquainted with the area and the front Locksmiths can save us the misery the moment of truth .

Locksmith 's duties

In which a person is locked out of his house when a fire breaks out , it usually begins to run head the list of precious belongings heart , whether it's an expensive photo album on the shelf waiting sentimental or inherited clock , an oil painting on the wall or any other item . In fact, the right of Locksmiths can perform a quick rush to the house, put out the fire and save the precious belongings .

Locksmiths includes the work of hacking of doors and locks of different types of locking mechanisms repairs of various doors . Locksmith 's work is complex and sensitive work , and for us it provides a range of options extracted from sedation and resolving unpleasant situation , to save lives is real. Also, locksmiths deal with the installation of locks and cylinders, duplicate keys and installation of various protective measures , so that in fact the action of Locksmiths goal is to protect us and keep us mechanisms .

You should not try to break own locks, such as self- hacking can cause great damage , spoilage complicate and waste valuable time . In such cases , you should call a professional locksmith .

How do you choose a locksmith ?

A locksmith may be strictly a professional who works under the approval of the police , and he has no criminal record , and provided certification training last ordered . Professional locksmith is committed to present documents to prove it , and you should know that when you order a locksmith , and demand proof that this is a professional reliable and charlatan , you may work at best, or endanger you more seriously .

Locksmith skilled and experienced no difficulty to the type of lock and the nature of the problem before him, to understand the safety mechanism is all , know the types of different materials of any such mechanism , orient in protection and security, and work under pressure of time , using equipment most professional .

If there are important items and dear your heart through the door , such as a photo album or wallet documents or have decorations precious as cornices and decorative or objects behind the door , they knew the locksmith on and he can make efforts not to damage the doors, door frames , cornices or walls.

He is also a professional locksmith who will recommend you if necessary the better protection , if you see fit , and can make for you the actual installation of smart protection system and high-quality fit your needs .


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Locksmith - FAQ

Locksmith concept is mentioned many times in the context of breaking doors and installing locks. Who is a Locksmith ? How to choose a locksmith ? How will you know you have ordered is indeed a locksmith professional locksmith ? How does a locksmith ? What time work ? What is the price charged by a locksmith ? On these and other questions answered in this article.

Who is actually Locksmith ?

Locksmith is a professional, who studied and was ordained as a professional locksmith and received approval to engage in the Israel Police locksmith . Locksmith can sell products, such as Tzilndrim , doors, locks, and can also provide different services, such as replacement cylinders, locks , car keys recovery , installing doors and duplication of keys.

What is locksmith training ?

All must pass a course locksmith locksmith , providing knowledge about the types of locks and cylinders, key duplication service , break locks, safes, installing cylinders and more.

When we invite Locksmith ?

The most common reason for ordering Locksmith is when the door is locked and the key is you have . In addition, you can order a locksmith even if: repair locks and mechanisms safes, a problem in the cylinder of a door key broke in the lock , lost car keys , duplicate Amoviliizr car , choosing a lock suitable property , installing doors , gates or cylinders as well as protection and security for apartments and houses business.

How does a professional locksmith ?

Before performing the work , and to avoid cases of theft, professional locksmith will ensure that you do have this property . Then, give you professional locksmith Estimate Hacking , installing cylinders or any other service you need him .Professional locksmith perform the work quickly and efficiently , and at the end of the work you submit an invoice for the amount paid to him.

How locksmith checks whether you own the property ?

Professional locksmith will ask you to present identification or certificate that proves you have the apartment. If you do not have such approval , Locksmith neighbors ask him to identify you. If the neighbors are not available, the apartment locksmith will ask you questions to make sure that the apartment is indeed your apartment or wishing to spend certificates attesting to your identity . If costs in any doubt locksmith , locksmith committed him to call the police .

How long does the locksmith work ?

Locksmith 's work may take between a few seconds and half hour , depending on the nature of the problem , the type of door or lock. In exceptional cases , locksmith work can take longer , but it will be the maximum effort to finish the job in the shortest and best way.

Is locksmith can break the door without damaging it ?

Breaking the lock can cause any damage , and the degree of damage depends on the break . For example, when using an auger locksmith to open the cylinder , the cylinder will be destroyed and will often be put to further use . In the case of opening a closed door , for example, professional locksmith will not lock at all . In any case , you can ask locksmith to replace the damaged lock .


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